Goan Curries – Urad Methi

Here I am back after a small hiatus with one more mouth-watering Goan curry. The mango season is finally here! It is summer and the sweltering heat makes you feel like having just rice for your meals. In one of my earlier blogs I had mentioned about my mom-in-law hailing from Goa. She used to make this lovely curry flavoured with raw mango or kairi (कैरी) as it is called in Marathi. This curry is called udid methi (उडद मेथी) obviously due to the two key components used, that is urad  dal or split black gram and methi or fenugreek seeds as it is called in English. The curry is essentially to be had with steamed rice and should be accompanied by sliced onions. This finger licking tangy curry is so good to taste that you can keep going for more helpings! Here is the recipe for it: Continue reading “Goan Curries – Urad Methi”